Monday, 18 April 2011

Shawish Jewellery Event - 'The World's First Diamond Ring'

Last week I was invited to the launch event of 'The World's First Diamond Ring' by Shawish Jewellery. The event, hosted by the fabulous Forward PR at Grosvenor Place's Il Bottaccio, was one not to be missed, with over 350 members of the press, buyers, and VIPs turning up for a presentation on the concept and also a charity auction.

The patented concept is that the entire ring shall be carved out of a diamond - a world first! - and at 150 carats it shall cost about £43 million!

An animation of what the ring should look like

A sketch of the patented design

Also on show were many of Shawish's other great designs for people to browse.

The beautiful tree in the background of guests

A close up of the tree that everyone was talking about

A very flexible model performs before the presentation

Shawish of Geneva kindly donated two pieces from their collection to a charity auction to raise money for the North Africa Development Foundation. The first piece up for auction was a pink gold bracelet valued at £1400. After the winning bidder backed out the first time, the bracelet finally went for £1150.

The auctioneer asks for bids on a pink gold bracelet, valued at £1400

Invited guests sip champagne and browse jewellery

Myself and the lovely @STYLISA

CamilleA (@Karma_Style) and friend

Leroy (Diary of a Clotheshorse - @clotheshorse90) with Jacob

Cocktails were made with U'LUVKA vodka, including the aptly themed 'Diamond Dazzler'

Please check out Shawish's website at and Forward PR who organised the whole event are on Twitter at @ForwardPR


  1. Oh man! That is one expensive ring... If I owned I would be terrified to wear it.

    All the best, Angel

  2. shawish website doesn't work

  3. Hi, Anonymous, the Shawish website is working for me!



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