Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Men’s Fashion Tips: Summer 2012

Sorry boys, the days of simply throwing on a T-shirt and jeans are over. Summer 2012 has as many new and funky fashion trends for men as it does for the ladies. 
Make sure you (or your man) aren’t left behind this season, with a rundown of the biggest fashion movements hitting the shelves right now:
The biggest fabric of the season is arguably also the sexiest one, with good old fashioned leather set to make a come back. 
It has been splashed across catwalks from Paris to Milan, with dramatic head to toe leather outfits and floor length leather coats. 
Be cautious though - this is a good opportunity to remember that what works on the catwalk doesn’t always translate into cool and casual high street attire. Incorporating leather into your outfit should be a subtle affair, channelling the sex symbols of old, including James Dean and Marlon Brando. 
Some of the great styles available at the moment include the cropped blouson–style jackets that work in both the summer and autumn months. 
Everyone knows that prints are popular with the ladies, but this season they have been given the go-ahead for men too. Some patterns to try include florals, geometrics, camouflage and polka dots. 
The key to success with prints for men is not to go too crazy. Just like you wouldn’t pair clashing prints on a tie and shirt, don’t go too crazy with contrasting prints between trousers, shirt and jacket.
The new blue
There is a standout colour available on the shelves this season that everyone should take note of, and that colour is the humble shade of blue. Several fabulous shades of blue are available, from deep ocean blue to powder blue. Look out for these shades on everything from blazers to jeans.  

For some reason, even the most fashionable men can be reluctant to replace their old pair of swimming trunks. While board shorts are a comfortable favourite, if you want to keep up with the latest trends in mens swimwear it’s time to let them go in favour of something more up to date. 
Steer clear of drawstrings and mesh panels. Instead opt for a closer fit that mimics the cut of regular shorts. 
Mens swimwear should look comfortable and stylish both in the pool and out. It may be a good idea to look for a shorter style than you are used to. Don’t take this rule too literally - if you have purchased speedos you’ve gone too far. Think a few inches above the knee and look for a bold pattern. Stripes are very fashionable, as are polka dots or even paisley.

These vibrant shorts are a personal favourite of mine

Monday, 25 June 2012

Today's Eye Candy - Abercrombie Models

I thought some of my readers may appreciate this video of some hot Abercrombie & Fitch models dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen's popular, and annoyingly catchy, song Call Me Maybe.

Jepsen is now signed to the record label Schoolboy Records, run by Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun

Dirty Fresh Laundry

I've recently discovered the up and coming brand Dirty Fresh Laundry; created in 2010, inspired by the iconic wash care symbols embedded throughout everyday life, this brand comprises a mix of bold prints in fun and exciting colours and is already popular with the music and fashion crowd.

I'm loving the simply stylish design above, £30, and that below, £25.

Head over to Dirty Fresh Laundry's website now for free UK delivery:

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hudson Women's A/W 12/13

Fabulous British footwear brand Hudson, well known to be a favourite of mine, have wowed yet again with their women's Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection. I know that while the sun is out many of us are reluctant to think about when it will all be over but it is never too early to start planning your Fall/Winter wardrobe!!

Why not invest in Hudson's rugged yet chic Cicero boots, coming in both black and tan?

Hudson's Cicero boots in tan.

Or, for something a little more dainty, I suggest the Bolero range. Rosa style modelled below:

A/W 12/13 will be available in stores and online from around May so head over to www.hudsonshoes.com and check out the rest of the range!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Forget Kate Middleton, it's all about Harry!

Britain's most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, made headlines recently on his recent Jubilee tour - not for Royal matters, but for his footwear. Sister-in-law Catherine Middleton is of great influence fashion-wise with most of her outfits selling out within days of her wearing them and her great fashion sense appears to have rubbed off on Harry.

Everyone's been talking about Harry's shoes. Due to be released imminently from retailer Russell and Bromley, the 'Chuck' style shoe, of which Harry favours the 'tobacco' colour will cost £115.

The 'Chuck' shoe from Russell & Bromley will cost £115

One of my favourite footwear brands, Hudson, has similar items in it's upcoming A/W 2012/13 range which go on sale around May.

Hudson's 'Vasa Tan' style, similar to that worn by Prince Harry.

Russell & Bromley's 'Chuck' shoe will be available in store shortly, with Hudson's similar versions available online and in-store around May. Visit Hudson's website here: http://www.hudsonshoes.com/

US Vogue April with Jennifer Lopez

April's edition of US Vogue is out now featuring Jennifer Lopez on the cover and giving an exclusive interview, including topics such as divorce and motherhood - get yours now!

The ever fabulous J. Lo looking sexy in red

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