Saturday, 30 April 2011

Boux Avenue Giftcard Winner

The other day I announced a giveaway where one lucky follower would win a £30 Boux Avenue Giftcard.

I am delighted to now announce that the lucky winner, picked at random from my list of followers, is Madame Gourmand. Madame, please contact me at to arrange the sending of the prize.

To everyone who hasn't one this time, please stick around and keep checking back as there will be more giveaways/competitions coming up!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Giveaway - Boux Avenue £30 giftcard!

As you know, the other week I went to the launch party of Theo Paphitis' new lingerie brand, Boux Avenue. Read my blog post on this fantastic event here.

Now I have a great prize to give one lucky reader, a £30 Boux Avenue giftcard to spent either online or in-store.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow my blog on Google Friend Connect. One lucky winner shall be picked at random when my blog reaches 55 followers so spread the word!

Follow me on Twitter at @_MattHunter_

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fake Tan 'Lauren's Way' - The Only Way Is Essex

The Only Way Is Essex star, Lauren Goodger, is famous for her sun-kissed star glow and now you can share the look as Lauren has launched her own luxury tanning range called 'Lauren's Way'!

Lauren is passionate about her new venture and preventing the problems of sun damage and she is keen to help people achieve their summer glow in a safe way.

Lauren's Way has launched a Self-Tanning Bronzing Mousse (RRP £17.95/150ml), whose fast drying, lightweight formula is easy to apply and is suitable for all skin types:

Also available is the Original Self-Tanning Lotion (RRP £15.95/250ml) which gives the richest, deepest tan and is infused with a moisturiser and long-lasting colour:

Both formulas guarantee a flawless golden finish without any streaking or patchiness as well as moisturising the skin.

Lauren advises you to exfoliate thoroughly before application and moisturise dry areas before tanning, as well as not getting wet for four hours, for the ideal tan.

These great tanning solutions are available at and

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Rainbow Winters - Autumn/Winter '11

Recently I have discovered another relatively new brand. Designed by Amy Konstanze Mercedes Rainbow Winters, the brand 'Rainbow Winters' debuted their first ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week in September 2010.

What I love about Rainbow Winters is the way that they combine cutting-edge science with high fashion such as the way her first collection includes pieces which change colour in reaction to sunlight or water.

The 'Illuminated Clothing' line uses fibre optic woven fabric, LEDs and EL wires to create dazzling effects on the catwalk:

The 'Picasso Explosion: Sound Reactive Dress' is made of neoprene tubes with electroluminescent panels and animates in response to sound:

Inspired by liquid geometrics and light paintings, the interactive Autumn/Winter collection pays tribute to  the 1965 Piet Mondrian collection of Yves Saint Laurent and the twentieth century artists Picasso and Kandinsky.

The luminescent ink dot pattern on this Fuchsia Silk Petal Dress glows blue under UV light

This Orange Mondrian Coat looks very chic and also changes colour under UV/sunlight

I also like this Picasso Scarf in mushroom grey and fuchsia

I shall definitely be keeping an eye on this brand as it grows and develops, as although it is very new it has already intrigued me.

Check out their website at and they're also on Twitter at @RainbowWinters  

Coming Soon On 'A Life Of Fashion'...

So last night I went to the Time2 bloggers event in Covent Garden which was great - they have so many great watches from some really good designers. I'll blog properly about them soon, once I've looked through all of my pictures, press releases etc. but it was a good evening.

I also went to the launch party for Versatile Apparel, hosted by Surgery PR, from which I'm expecting to see good things as they grow and develop their brand.

And though not fashion related, I wish to take a few words to remember Elisabeth Sladen who passed away yesterday after her battle with cancer. 'Everything has it's time and everything ends' - of course this quote is extremely relevant to fashion with trends evolving constantly.

The lovely Lis

Check back soon for an update on everything that's hot in the fabulous world of fashion!



Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Today's Song! Katy Perry feat. Kanye West - E.T

Today I've been listening to E.T by Katy Perry, featuring Kanye West. Good song, but Katy does look a bit disturbing.

 Check it out below and tell me what you think!


Monday, 18 April 2011

Shawish Jewellery Event - 'The World's First Diamond Ring'

Last week I was invited to the launch event of 'The World's First Diamond Ring' by Shawish Jewellery. The event, hosted by the fabulous Forward PR at Grosvenor Place's Il Bottaccio, was one not to be missed, with over 350 members of the press, buyers, and VIPs turning up for a presentation on the concept and also a charity auction.

The patented concept is that the entire ring shall be carved out of a diamond - a world first! - and at 150 carats it shall cost about £43 million!

An animation of what the ring should look like

A sketch of the patented design

Also on show were many of Shawish's other great designs for people to browse.

The beautiful tree in the background of guests

A close up of the tree that everyone was talking about

A very flexible model performs before the presentation

Shawish of Geneva kindly donated two pieces from their collection to a charity auction to raise money for the North Africa Development Foundation. The first piece up for auction was a pink gold bracelet valued at £1400. After the winning bidder backed out the first time, the bracelet finally went for £1150.

The auctioneer asks for bids on a pink gold bracelet, valued at £1400

Invited guests sip champagne and browse jewellery

Myself and the lovely @STYLISA

CamilleA (@Karma_Style) and friend

Leroy (Diary of a Clotheshorse - @clotheshorse90) with Jacob

Cocktails were made with U'LUVKA vodka, including the aptly themed 'Diamond Dazzler'

Please check out Shawish's website at and Forward PR who organised the whole event are on Twitter at @ForwardPR

Today's Song! Lady Gaga - Judas

I absolutely love this woman and therefore today's song has got to be Lady Gaga's new 'Judas' which is currently number one on the iTunes charts in: USA, France, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden (it's number 2 in the UK).

Listen to the song here and tell me what you think!



I'm Back!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I've not blogged in the past few days but Blogger's been giving me some real password issues : it just wouldn't accept my password or email me a new one! Finally got it working again now though and shall be blogging again ASAP!!

Hope you're all well.


Here's a preview of some of the things you can expect to see soon:
We'll be having a Boux Avenue giveaway!

Shawish Jewellery's launch for 'The World's First Diamond Ring':
And multiple Press Days with some great designers I've met.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Today's Bag - Chanel

Blake Lively may have provoked much controversy, being the first non-European Chanel girl, but the Mademoiselle range is simply amazing.

One that I really like from the range is the below. It looks great, and chic, and is the perfect size if you're just going out for the evening.

Visit Chanel's website here 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Alexandra Mann: Bespoke Wash/Makeup Bags

Last week I was lucky enough to come across a great new designer, Alexandra Mann. Alex is a costume designer by trade, but her real passion is her bespoke Makeup/Wash Bags and unique cushions.

No two bags are the same, and Alex finds her fabrics in markets and boutiques around the world, as well as car boot sales and old attics.

These bags are great, and their linings (made from recycled checked market bags) mean that they can simply be sponged clean whenever you have one of those frustrating leakages!

You can buy Alex's bags and cushions at her website or follow her on Twitter @msalexandramann.

Hudson Women's Shoes A/W 2011

Yesterday I blogged about Hudson's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection for men, here, and today I've been exploring the women's lookbook.

Boots are most definitely 'in' this season and with a variety of styles and colours to choose from there is no excuse for not being fashion-fit this fall.

Love this, I think the contrast of the brown on black is fab

This new twist on a classic look is hot

Likewise for these. (Go for the 'sexy librarian' look this season if you're feeling bold!)

Head over to Hudson's relatively new (it's opened in December) e-shop on their website at and follow them on Twitter at @HudsonShoesUK 

Hudson Shoes A/W 2011

This week, I went to Hudson Shoes' Press Day for their Autumn/Winter collection, which I absolutely loved.

Hudson celebrates, this year, their twenty-first birthday yet they have been relatively unknown until more recently. They branched out into women's shoes in 2008 and launched their first e-commerce store only four months ago. With a bag line also coming along in the near future, Hudson certainly have a lot going on!

I think that this is a great footwear brand and I shall definitely be wearing items from their A/W collection this fall.

Slightly more 'late summer/beginning of autumn' these are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways

I really like these and can definitely see myself wearing them this year

Pictures from Hudson's women's range are to follow!

Check out Hudson's website at or follow them on Twitter @HudsonShoesUK 
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