Thursday, 21 April 2011

Coming Soon On 'A Life Of Fashion'...

So last night I went to the Time2 bloggers event in Covent Garden which was great - they have so many great watches from some really good designers. I'll blog properly about them soon, once I've looked through all of my pictures, press releases etc. but it was a good evening.

I also went to the launch party for Versatile Apparel, hosted by Surgery PR, from which I'm expecting to see good things as they grow and develop their brand.

And though not fashion related, I wish to take a few words to remember Elisabeth Sladen who passed away yesterday after her battle with cancer. 'Everything has it's time and everything ends' - of course this quote is extremely relevant to fashion with trends evolving constantly.

The lovely Lis

Check back soon for an update on everything that's hot in the fabulous world of fashion!



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